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Simple Way To Solve Crashed/Freeze Iphone (Any Version)

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Simple Way To Solve Crashed/Freeze Iphone (Any Version)

Post  Yiehong22 on 6/12/2011, 10:55 am

Tip & Trick
Solving A Crash / Freeze Iphone
You Iphone Has Crashed When You Are Using, Here The Simple Way That Solve This Problem.
Step To Solve Crashed Phones

  1. Force Restart Your Iphone
    It Will Work If You Restart Your Iphone By Press & Hold 2 Key:
    Power Key Menu Button.
    Be aware That Any Unsaved Work Will Gone.
  2. If Does Not Work, Patient Are Require.
    If The Above Does Not Work, You Have To Drain All Your Iphone Battery And Recharge Again. This Shall Work But Patient Are Request Because The Battery Are Non-Removable.
  3. Sill Cannot, Visit Your Nearest Iphone Service Department.
    They Can Help You To Repair Or Reinstall Your Iphone OS, But It Shall Be Costly Depend They Economic.
Step To Prevent Hang

  1. Use Program Wisely
    Use Iphone Wisely As Processor Unable To Take Too Many Work From You.
  2. Use Task Manager (Kill By Iphone / Third-Party Program)
    Using Task Manager Allow You To Kill Background Program You Don Want To Use.
    To Use It, Hold The Menu Until All Your Menu Icon Is Shacking, Hit The X To Kill It.
  3. Update Your OS To Latest Version
    Any New Version From Apple.Inc Will Able To Improve Performance, Stability & Fix Any Bug. This Also Fix Some Bug That Can Easily Crash Your OS (Iphone).
  4. Use Magic Button
    Double Press On The Menu Button/Magic Button Then Tap And Hold At The Application That You Opened To Completely Close It.
Written By YieHong22
Any Error Will Be Responsible For The Author.
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