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How To Make Your Mobile Battery Life Last Longer

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How To Make Your Mobile Battery Life Last Longer

Post  Yiehong22 on 8/12/2011, 5:11 pm

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How To Make Your Mobile Battery Life Last Longer
So You Have A Mobile Phone With A Non-Removable Battery, Nice, But Did You Know That You Can't Know When The Battery Will Reach A Dead Time, So You Shall Take Care Your Battery To Make It Last Longer.

Step To Make It Last Longer:

  • Charge Your Phone Frequency.
  • Close Program That You Don Want To Use It.
    Closing It Can Save Your Phone Memory And Also Make Your Battery Last Longer.
  • Shut Down WIFI, GPS & Bluetooth When Not Using.
    They Are The "Power Vampire" If You Don Shut Down When Not In Use, They Also Chance You May End Up With Bad News.
  • Follow The Battery Rules.
    If You Don Follow The Rule, You May End Up A Serious Bad Sad News.
  • Replace The Battery If They Dead.

Written By YieHong22

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