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Why You Are Not Allow To Use Your Phone During Boarding A Airplane Or At Hospital.

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Why You Are Not Allow To Use Your Phone During Boarding A Airplane Or At Hospital.

Post  Yiehong22 on 18/12/2011, 8:35 am

Did You Feel A Strange That See A Sign That Say No Mobile Phone During Boarding A Plane Or During You At The Hospital. Well, We Will Give You A Answer Why You Cannot Do This.

For Airplane

  1. You Are Dead With All Of Your Same Class Passenger. (Airplane Without Mobile Technology)
    Wireless Can Destroy Airplane Sensitive Cockpit, Which Easily Make A Pilot Difficult To Gain Control The Plane, Leading A Plane Crash.
  2. You Got A "Hacker" In The Plane.
    Sometime Mobile Wireless Are Not Secured, Which Mean Any Device Which Receive Wireless Network And Accidentally Get A Wrong Data. So You Dialed Number Will Be Display In A Monitor.
  3. You Broke A Aircraft Law If Custom Or Attendance Spot You.
    Some Carrier Company Train They Attendance So They Will Look Like A Security.

For Hospital:

  1. You Are Ruling The X-Ray Machine.
    Some X-Ray Are Using Wireless To Communicate With The Control Panel, Plus You Are Killing A Patient That Check Their Body Using X-Ray.
  2. You Annoying Patient Who Sleeping.
  3. You Have Another Hacker In Hospital
    The Baby Monitor Are Running Using Wireless, Same As The Airplane (Refer For Airplane No.2 At Above).
Tip For You If You Very Need To Use In The Non-Mobile Zone
For Airplane

  1. Cut All The Wireless
    You Can Cut All Your Mobile Wireless By Putting It At Airplane Mode

    Airplane Mode Can Be Found On By Visit The Follow Setting

    Setting > Profile > Airplane Mode
    Setting > Network > Airplane Mode
    Setting > Phone > Airplane Mode
  2. Shut Down Your Phone After Use
For Hospital

  1. Use Silent Mode
  2. Don Not Use Near The X-Ray Room Or Operation Room.
  3. Get Off About 5 ~ 10 M Away From Machine.

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