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Phone Solving is waking up

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Phone Solving is waking up

Post  Yiehong22 on 7/4/2012, 12:01 pm

You ever wonder why our forum has been down for about 3 months starting December, ok i will tell you a reason, we are performing a massive upgrade to our forum during last year, but found out the old owner of this forum has began to inactive, causing me to force rejected from this position. after this issue, i begin start to wipe out this forum memorial because i am go back to host my main forum MY TPC Center(now upgraded to "The Pro Center").

Now in April, i was able to regain the memorial of this forum after i did not delete this forum bookmark, so now i going back here to re-build whole forum and start make it running.

OK, first we change the forum version from Invision that has been modified from ForuMotion to PHPBB3. this is the starting point of our forum.

Second, you will notice the forum became to look professional, because after of 2 month inactivity to the forum, i had learn all about coding and start scratching some code to my forum.

Let support this and make this forum run again to the world now !

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