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Forum rules

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Forum rules

Post  Yiehong22 on 7/4/2012, 12:14 pm

Before you start posting a message on our forum, or you want to create a account, please follow the rules below to avoid you been banned from Administrator of this forum.

General rules :
  • You are not allow to post copyright image, software to our forum.
  • Sex / Porn are not allow on this forum.
  • Illegal software like "Iphone JailBreak", hack or etc are not allow on our forum.
  • Member must respect staff so they can provide you a best result.

Posting rules:
  • Bumping is not allow unless separated from 1 day (24 hours).
  • Trolling is not allow. We hate troll.
  • Hijack other member post is strictly not allow, please create own topic instead.
  • Spamming is not allow, Although it increase the count, but useless thing make us bad.

This rules list will be updated without notice, so be sure to re-read the rule if needed.

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